25 years in the service of babies, pets and teenagers

25 years in the service of babies, pets and teenagers
Annika sent us some pictures straight from her family photo album of her KLIPPAN sofa, where kids, friends – and pets – have all spent time – playing, eating, chatting, sleeping.

Annika’s KLIPPAN sofa is over 25 years old. She bought it from a friend in 2003. He had, in turn, bought it as early as 1990. He had moved the sofa with him from Malmö to Lund (in Sweden), back to Malmö and back to Lund again. When Annika bought it, the sofa had its original yellow cover.

Dalmatian dog sleeping on yellow KLIPPAN.
New Years Eve 1998. Dalmatian Inka sleeps through the fire works on the yellow KLIPPAN sofa.

Annika moved the KLIPPAN with her to her next flat. Here, her daughter Eira was born. When friends came over to welcome the new baby, the KLIPPAN sofa was the perfect place to take pictures.

Three children on yellow KLIPPAN sofa.

  1. Baby Eira, gets a cuddle from friends.

– Yellow was not my favourite colour and it was unpractical with a one year old child, so after some time, we decided to dye it purple.

Baby reading book on purple KLIPPAN sofaSame baby on purple KLIPPAN sofa, looking tired.

In 2004 the KLIPPAN sofa moved into the teenager’s room. The KLIPPAN sofa got a new white cover to suit the taste of the teenager . In 2005 the sofa moved with the family to a house outside Lund. When the teenager grew older, she moved out and left the sofa for Eira, now a young girl. The old white cover was replaced by a new off-white one.

– Eira is still happy with it, says Annika. It has often been used by our daughter’s friends for sleepovers, and of course by the dogs. A small sofa with many applications, Annika finishes!

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