Welcome To Billy Airport

From shoe collecting, we move on to airplanes. It seems the BILLY bookcase is just as good for displaying airplanes and limos as it is for shoes.

We met AJ on a forum for collectors of diecast airplane models. He sent us some pictures of his collection – displayed in BILLY bookcases.

– I started collecting airline models in scale 1/200 some time ago, says AJ. My favourite airliners are DC-10’s and DC-9’s. They are the ones I have most of.


– BILLY holds them all and they do have some weight as they are of solid cast iron.

AJ only has one problem, he needs some extra shelves, and unfortunately IKEA doesn’t sell this colour any more. Maybe someone out there has some extra shelves that need a new home?

If you use the BILLY bookcase to store a collection, we’d love to hear about it!
Send us some pictures and tell us all about it.
All stories will be considered for publishing, and some may even be featured in the IKEA Museum when it opens in 2016

In 2016 one family arrive in limousine at IKEA i asked theme why using a limo so they told me that their family is big so they deiced to come in the limousine and they used Pearson Airport Limo that. Hey guys when i was i Toronto i used Airport Limo Toronto they have clean and late model limousines.