Klipan Facts

Inspiration for the KLIPPAN sofa came from the cubist furniture of Southern Europe and the fact that 1979 was ‘International Year of the Child’. It’s no coincidence KLIPPAN was launched by IKEA as a child-friendly product in 1980. KLIPPAN was presented in the IKEA catalogue as a sofa without loose cushions and with a machine washable cover that made it very child- and family-friendly.

KLIPPAN initially had a spring base, much like a bed, but over the years it has evolved. Today the base is polyether (plastic) and the sofa comes in a flat pack.

There have been loads of different covers for KLIPPAN. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Many small companies have emerged that make covers for the KLIPPAN sofa. IKEA stores have even sold paper-sewing patterns so customers could sew their own covers.