Oak BILLY bookcase filled with books

BILLY bookcase for food, shoes, books and tools

Nini, living in Sweden, uses BILLY bookcases in many rooms. In the kitchen, as pantry; in the living room for books; in the bedroom Read more…


BILLY shoe cabinet

Here’s another story from IKEA Germany’s BILLY campaign:

“I have had so many sleepless night, because I have soooooooo many shoes Read more…


Every BILLY tells a story

In 2013 IKEA Germany did a social media campaign where they asked people to post images of their BILLY bookcases.

We are happy to be able to share a couple of the stories from their campaign. This is the first: Read more…

A child's bookcase full with toys and children's books.

One shelf for each kind of toy

Anastasia is a little girl living in Russia. She has her own BILLY bookcase for books and toys, where each toy has a specific place on the shelves. This is Anastasia’s story: Read more…

Fridas BILLY

Frida’s childhood BILLY bookcase

Frida, from Sweden, tells us her BILLY bookcase childhood story. It is a story about childhood memories reaching through generations, of longing and breaking the rules, of growing up and not least about two white painted bookcases. Read more…

Tamara with her BILLY dollhouse

Tamara’s BILLY dollhouse

Tamara in the US has done something really creative with the BILLY bookcase: A dollhouse! She sent us some pictures and her story. Read more…


Anna re-organised her bookcase – by colour

Our last post was about Helena, and how she used her books to become part of interiour decoration. Anna, who sent us this picture, has had the same idea, although at a smaller scale.  Read more…

© Helena Schaeder Söderberg

Using books for decoration

Some people use their bookcases and books as part of interior decoration. Helena Söderberg, web shop owner, crafter and blogger has built a whole BILLY bookcase library Read more…


BILLY bookcase as workplace

Today we publish an image from Russia.

This picture was sent by Liudmila Read more…


There’s always room for more bookcases

It’s time for another story about life with the BILLY bookcase. Renée from Sweden sent us this story.

“My relationship with BILLY started about 30 years ago. Read more…