BILLY always stays

Jennie, living in the Netherlands, tells us her BILLY story, involving both hope, grief and good memories: Read more…


KLIPPAN and Martin showing off in 1989

Time for a story from the 1980s! This story is told by Martin in Sweden:

“If you grow up in Älmhult, like I did, there’s a big chance you’ll end up working for IKEA. Read more…


BILLY transformed with fabric

This story came from Astral Riles in the US, DIY’er, blogger and interior designer who gave her BILLY bookcase a transformation Read more…


The BILLY bookcase – a pony’s best friend

Erica in Sweden has been collecting My Little Ponies since childhood. In 2011 she and her boyfriend started to renovate their two bedroom flat. They decided to devote one room to her pony collection and Read more…


Nir’s diecast car collection

This story came through from Nir in Israel:


My name is Nir David, Read more…


A good bookshelf takes time to create

Last week, we met with Johannes, who has a built a 100% recycled built-in bookshelf using BILLY bookcases, a project that Read more…


Colourful creativity on the BILLY shelves

“There are certain things in life that you can’t remember living without—the internet, air conditioning, and funny enough—the BILLY bookcase.” Read more…

Oak BILLY bookcase filled with books

BILLY bookcase for food, shoes, books and tools

Nini, living in Sweden, uses BILLY bookcases in many rooms. In the kitchen, as pantry; in the living room for books; in the bedroom Read more…


BILLY shoe cabinet

Here’s another story from IKEA Germany’s BILLY campaign:

“I have had so many sleepless night, because I have soooooooo many shoes Read more…


Every BILLY tells a story

In 2013 IKEA Germany did a social media campaign where they asked people to post images of their BILLY bookcases.

We are happy to be able to share a couple of the stories from their campaign. This is the first: Read more…