Fridas BILLY

Frida’s childhood BILLY bookcase

Frida, from Sweden, tells us her BILLY bookcase childhood story. It is a story about childhood memories reaching through generations, of longing and breaking the rules, of growing up and not least about two white painted bookcases.

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Tamara with her BILLY dollhouse

Tamara’s BILLY dollhouse

Tamara in the US has done something really creative with the BILLY bookcase: A dollhouse! She sent us some pictures and her story. Read more…


Anna re-organised her bookcase – by colour

Our last post was about Helena, and how she used her books to become part of interiour decoration. Anna, who sent us this picture, has had the same idea, although at a smaller scale.  Read more…

© Helena Schaeder Söderberg

Using books for decoration

Some people use their bookcases and books as part of interior decoration. Helena Söderberg, web shop owner, crafter and blogger has built a whole BILLY bookcase library Read more…


BILLY bookcase as workplace

Today we publish an image from Russia.

This picture was sent by Liudmila Read more…


There’s always room for more bookcases

It’s time for another story about life with the BILLY bookcase. Renée from Sweden sent us this story.

“My relationship with BILLY started about 30 years ago. Read more…

Investigating bookcases

Mission: To identify three BILLY predecessors

In this post we are going to take a closer look at the three bookcases the IKEA museum collection got from Bosse and Catharina.  Our mission is to find out which bookcases they are. Read more…


Difficult to part from old bookcases

One day, we got an email from someone saying that they had met a couple that was supposed to own a BILLY bookcase from 1972. The BILLY bookcase was featured in the IKEA catalogue for the first time in 1979. Now, that’s interesting, we thought! Read more…


Crocheted KLIPPAN art

In 2011 IKEA Houston was part of the annual Art Car Couch Parade in Houston. Local artists were invited Read more…


Garage storage triggers childhood memories

Karin’s two BILLY bookcases sits at the moment in her garage, but they have not always been Read more…