Two black BILLY bookcases, filled with books, organised according to colour

Barbara’s black BILLY bookcases

Barbara in Switzerland wrote to us and shared pictures of her beautiful BILLY bookcases, that house her collection of books. The books are mostly Read more…

Interiour made out of ginger bread. BILLY, KLIPPAN and LACK

Gingerbread interior with BILLY and KLIPPAN

What would be better this time of year, than some furniture for your gingerbread house?

In many countries, people create gingerbread houses for Christmas. A lot of time is spent on making fantastic decorations on the outside of the houses. Last year, IKEA Norway thought it was time for some interior design for all of these gingerbread houses Read more…


A BILLY library shaped by its owner

Elena from Italy has created a BILLY library in her office. She needed a workplace that would welcome both adults and children Read more…

KLIPPAN sofa with RANDVIKEN multicoloured cover. In front of sofa, two BOSNÄS footstool.

The web form is now working again

The issue with the online form on the blog is now solved.

We are eager to read about your life with the KLIPPAN sofa and the BILLY bookcase and see your pictures. Submit your story via the web form.  Don’t know what to share? Here are some thoughts to get you started: Read more…

Trouble with the web form

We are at the moment experiencing problems with the web form on the blog.

We are trying to solve it as soon as possible.
If you want to submit your story, please come back later.
If you have already submitted a story, Read more…


Crossing borders to buy BILLY bookcase

Some people go a long way to get their BILLY bookcase. This couple drove 4 hours and crossed the United States-Canada border to get to the IKEA store in Toronto, Canada. This is their story. Read more…


Precious Moments in the BILLY bookcase

Here’s another fantastic collection that is displayed using the BILLY bookcase. Deborah in the US collects Read more…


BILLY stores collections and memories

The BILLY bookcase is indeed popular among collectors of different things. Elizabeth in the US told us she collects all things Disney. And the BILLY bookcase serves as a perfect display cabinet at the same time as it becomes a place for memories to be stored. Read more…


BILLY bookcase as Lego display

Julie from France collects Lego. She has used her BILLY bookcase, together with the narrower BENNO to display Read more…

Sheila's BILLY bookcases, with the bottom extensions from the 90s.

BILLY base cabinets – a 1990s rarity

Sheila wrote to us from Canada about her BILLY bookcases with the base cabinets that she bought in the 1990s. She is puzzled that no one seems to have heard about these rarities. Read more…