This blog is a place to collect and share BILLY and KLIPPAN stories. Whatever your story, we want to hear it (as long as it’s about your relationship with BILLY or KLIPPAN).

The KLIPPAN sofa and the BILLY bookcase have been part of the IKEA furniture family for a long time now. Over these years they’ve become two of the most popular items of IKEA furniture, so we’re pretty sure you’ve got stories to tell about your relationship with KLIPPAN and BILLY.

Aside from being featured on this blog, the best stories will be showcased in the first and only IKEA Museum, located in the original IKEA store in Älmhult, Sweden

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Up-cycling BILLY bookcase

Up-cycling BILLY bookcase
Lina is a graphic designer and blogger, with a passion for re-making, re-using and up-cycling.

– Many people like to re-make IKEA furniture, she says. I got a BILLY bookcase from a neighbour, when I was in desperate need of storage for my crafting room. But how fun is birch veneer, she asked herself?

Before picture to the left, BILLY birch veneer, After picture to the right, painted BILLY

– So when I got a couple of beautiful knobs from a friend, I knew that I was going to paint the bookshelf in a happy coral colour. Coral and grey are the colours in my crafting room.

Close up of door knobs

– Inside the cabinet I have lots of material like toilet rolls, glass jars, prints for childrens parties etc. At the bottom I store fabrics, and clothes that I want to make new things out of.


You can see more of Lina’s projects on her blog. (in Swedish)
Have you up-cycled your BILLY bookcase? Show us! Contribute with your story here.

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25 years in the service of babies, pets and teenagers

25 years in the service of babies, pets and teenagers
Annika sent us some pictures straight from her family photo album of her KLIPPAN sofa, where kids, friends – and pets – have all spent time – playing, eating, chatting, sleeping.

Annika’s KLIPPAN sofa is over 25 years old. She bought it from a friend in 2003. He had, in turn, bought it as early as 1990. He had moved the sofa with him from Malmö to Lund (in Sweden), back to Malmö and back to Lund again. When Annika bought it, the sofa had its original yellow cover.

Dalmatian dog sleeping on yellow KLIPPAN.
New Years Eve 1998. Dalmatian Inka sleeps through the fire works on the yellow KLIPPAN sofa.

Annika moved the KLIPPAN with her to her next flat. Here, her daughter Eira was born. When friends came over to welcome the new baby, the KLIPPAN sofa was the perfect place to take pictures.

Three children on yellow KLIPPAN sofa.

  1. Baby Eira, gets a cuddle from friends.

– Yellow was not my favourite colour and it was unpractical with a one year old child, so after some time, we decided to dye it purple.

Baby reading book on purple KLIPPAN sofaSame baby on purple KLIPPAN sofa, looking tired.

In 2004 the KLIPPAN sofa moved into the teenager’s room. The KLIPPAN sofa got a new white cover to suit the taste of the teenager . In 2005 the sofa moved with the family to a house outside Lund. When the teenager grew older, she moved out and left the sofa for Eira, now a young girl. The old white cover was replaced by a new off-white one.

– Eira is still happy with it, says Annika. It has often been used by our daughter’s friends for sleepovers, and of course by the dogs. A small sofa with many applications, Annika finishes!

What memories do you have around your sofa? Write your own story and send us here!


Welcome To Billy Airport

From shoe collecting, we move on to airplanes. It seems the BILLY bookcase is just as good for displaying airplanes and limos as it is for shoes.

We met AJ on a forum for collectors of diecast airplane models. He sent us some pictures of his collection – displayed in BILLY bookcases.

– I started collecting airline models in scale 1/200 some time ago, says AJ. My favourite airliners are DC-10’s and DC-9’s. They are the ones I have most of.


– BILLY holds them all and they do have some weight as they are of solid cast iron.

AJ only has one problem, he needs some extra shelves, and unfortunately IKEA doesn’t sell this colour any more. Maybe someone out there has some extra shelves that need a new home?

If you use the BILLY bookcase to store a collection, we’d love to hear about it!
Send us some pictures and tell us all about it.
All stories will be considered for publishing, and some may even be featured in the IKEA Museum when it opens in 2016

In 2016 one family arrive in limousine at IKEA i asked theme why using a limo so they told me that their family is big so they deiced to come in the limousine and they used Pearson Airport Limo that. Hey guys when i was i Toronto i used Airport Limo Toronto they have clean and late model limousines.